How to Reach Us


Kingfisher Ecolodge is located just outside Ban Khiet Ngong (N 14° 46' 21.5" - E 106° 02' 37.7" - 157 m a.s.l.), Pathoumphone district.

The easiest way is to book a minivan or tuktuk/songtheaw in Pakse or other locations (most of the hotels or travel agencies can help you).

We can assist you with transportation booking (only from Pakse to the Lodge or from the Lodge to other destinations in the province), just let us know by phone or better by e-mail.

If you want to use public transport, local buses (Songthaew) run daily between Pakse's southern bus station (Lak Pet station) and Khiet Ngong village; usually one of these songtheaw leaves the village at around 8:00 and leave Lak Pet station at around 12:00, please note that schedule is approximate and may vary.

You can also catch one the many buses, which travel up and down Route 13 to and from Don Khong district, and get off at the junction with Route 18 at Km 48 (lak si-sip-pet) in Thang Baeng village although it may be difficult to find a transport to continue to Ban Khiet Ngong.
There is now a collective minibus service for tourists from 4.000 islands to Pakse, you can catch one of those and ask to stop at Km48 as well, usually it arrive at Km48 at around 12:45.

We may also help by sending a songthaew from the nearby village to pick you up (there is a fee to pay) if you can provide (also by phone) time of arrival at the junction Km 48.

If you have your own means of transport: from Pakse head south to Don Khong, from the junction km 48 in Ban Thang Baeng you must turn left and follow Route 18a (heading to Attapeu Province) for about 8 km, then turn right at some large signboard for the last 2 km to reach Ban Khiet Ngong and Kingfisher Ecolodge, same if you are coming from 4.000 islands area.


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